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TAMARIN FILM & SERVICES Ltd. is now, for the first time in Mauritius, offering Remote Production Service for film productions and advertising shoots. A solution for agencies and film productions to move on with their production plan despite the current travel restrictions. Tamarinfilm can provides virtual on-location presence. There are ways to keep overseas production on track, even if international travel has been seriously curtailed. 

Due to the fact that tourism in Mauritius is at a standstill, the most iconic locations are now completely vacant and open for production. 

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TAMARINFILM provides virtual on-location presence for those who can’t make it to the set. They can work in another country without leaving their own local workstations. The director’s choices are developed prior to shooting. These decisions are a result of continuous interaction with the local creatives using remote devices.

By bringing on board a local director of photography with whom the director would have a remote working relationship, the preparation is managed as usual for overseas production, involving interactions on a daily basis, location photos, two-way video stream casting, wardrobe sessions and even set building construction. All handled by a Mauritian crew with extensive experience and know-how in the advertising and feature film world. 

The director, agency and client will then use the two-way video stream operating system during the shoot, where the DOP and his crew shoot on location under direction from the director that will have video/audio feed, where he/she can interact, direct and oversee remotely the whole shoot from his/hers desired workstation anywhere in the world.

Additionally, this offers every producer, client and agency the ability to watch what is happening on camera, in real time, from anywhere in the world, by tuning their computer into a monitor on set.

There are ways to keep your overseas production on track, even if international travel has been seriously curtailed. 

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